Fashion Finds at Pitaya

Yup…July is halfway over (we’re trying to wrap our minds around it too)!  Where did the time go? Some of you may be looking ahead, excited for the leaves to start changing and for – you guessed it – OSU football. Go Bucks! However, many of you are probably wishing you could bask in the summer sunshine at ComFest for just a wee bit longer.

Well, no matter what weather forecast you prefer, these transitional pieces will take you from summer to fall in style. And there’s no need for FOMO! If these ensembles inspire you, just head to Pitaya on High Street for some sensible shopping that will benefit your wardrobe without breaking the bank.



When your day is filled with errands to run and Pokémon to catch, you don’t have any time in your schedule to be uncomfortable! This outfit adds a little sass to a dressed-down day.  Leggings are out and denim is in (but don’t worry – you won’t see as much jean as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001!). So grab some overalls and your favorite tank, and GO explore Columbus!

Overalls: Honey Punch $59

Green Crop: Love Tree LA $10

Shoes: Adidas $80

Necklace: Pitaya $15

Sunglasses: Pitaya $8



We took “Athleisure” to a new level with this look. It doesn’t matter if it’s date night or GNO, these shoes and bomber jacket will totally make you feel like you’re a part of the Pink Ladies! And it’s so easy – mix your favorite tight skirt with a sporty jacket, and throw on your baseball cap of choice for a head-turning look.

Hat: Pitaya $10

Jacket: Flying tomato $36

Crop top: Dance & Marvel $22

Skirt: Dance & Marvel $19

Shoes: Oliva $38



Soak up the sunshine all day while channeling your inner Stevie Nicks with this floral corduroy skirt. Mix it with all the gold bracelets you can fit on your wrist, then don a wide-brimmed hat for an ensemble we like to call haute hippy. Paired with your fave loafers or Birkenstocks, you’re all set to enjoy the outdoors in complete (and super cute!) comfort.  And… we just have to draw attention to this belt! Throw that sucker on with any outfit to amp up your style!

Hat: $18

Onesie: $22

Skirt: Flying Tomato $26

Necklace: $8

Bracelets: Pitaya $6-$14

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